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Lea Broker's primary mission is to provide advice to customers by offering them the best insurance offers available on the market for any type of insurance.

Creator of innovative and recognized insurance solutions, Lea Broker constantly imagines and researches new products and services to meet your professional needs.

What we grant you

The insurance brokerage is an independent commercial activity which consists in settling a business connection between the client (the insured) and the insurer. Lea Broker acts as a trustee of his client; in this capacity, we will use our expertise and market knowledge in order to identify the specific risks that need to be covered and to find the most appropriate and profitable offer for you.

Working with Lea Broker enables a natural person, an SME, or a large company who needs an insurance contract, to save a considerable amount of time and money, whether it's about choosing a type of insurance or extending the current policy.

Lea Broker quickly identifies offers available on the market that are appropriate to your needs and optimizes your chances of finding the best insurance. Lea Broker has the necessary expertise and knowledge to provide you with the optimal solution, avoiding the situation where the different insurance you own overlaps.

When our collaboration materializes by signing an insurance contract no payment to Lea Broker is necessary. It is the insurance company that pays us a commission from the value of the insurance premium. For our customers, the price of the insurance policy is the same as if they would work directly with the insurer.

The work of Lea Broker does not stop when signing the insurance contract. We will also be in charge of keeping track of the interests and clauses our customers have signed up to. We can then propose more favorable insurance solutions when we identify them on the market and we can provide you with the necessary support if you want a cancellation. In case of damage, Lea Broker takes responsibility for handling the claims with the insurance company. Lea broker involvement will once again save you time and increase your chances of obtaining the indemnity.


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